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Current Version: v1.0

To download piRNA sequence of distinct organism

Human piRNA Mouse piRNA Rat piRNA
D. melanogaster piRNA C. elegans piRNA Zebrafish piRNA
Chicken piRNA X. tropicalis piRNA Silkworm piRNA

To download piRNA data of distinct organism

Human Dataset Mouse Dataset Rat Dataset
D. melanogaster Dataset C. elegans Dataset Zebrafish Dataset
Chicken Dataset X. tropicalis Dataset Silkworm Dataset

To download piRNA loci in the genome

Human hg19 Mouse mm9 Rat rn4
D. melanogaster dm3 C. elegans ce10 Zebrafish danRer7
Chicken galGal4 X. tropicalis xenTro3

To download repeat derived piRNA

Repeat derived piRNA

To download gene derived piRNA

Gene derived piRNA

To download piRNA target data

Mouse Deadenylation Dataset D. melanogaster Deadenylation Dataset

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